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Our Mission


Transform Information Sharing and Analysis:

  1. Provide "NextGen" public and private sector collaborative data and services solutions. 
  2. Enhance Public Safety ability to combat cybercrime and cyber enabled crime.
  3. Focus on priority Public Safety needs and shortfalls.
  4. Partner with an array of corporations, NGOs and key stakeholders to deliver advanced capabilities.
  5. Conduct research among partners and agencies to determine needs, focus solutions, refine training, and ensure efficacy.


Strategic Initiatives

Implementation of the Global Accredited Registry and Registrar Data Access Network (GARDANET); Ensuring Public Safety unfettered access to Whois data post GDPR implementation.

Development of a Cyber COMPSTAT Framework for Information Sharing which is driven by Public Safety domain intelligence needs versus the all too often "firehose approach."

Creation of a Digital Evidence Technical and Legal Knowledge Sharing Environment permitting Public Safety to benefit from common awareness through global collaboration. 


Why Us?

We are a not for profit team of Public Safety professionals who care and want to move the needle toward resolving critical challenges...

We are a Partner of VirnetX Holding Corporation and use Gabriel Collaboration Suite Secure Unified Communications Technology to interact with our Members and Partners...


“The PS-ISAO is a Member of the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) at NASA/Kennedy Space Center, IACI-CERT, Global Situational Awareness Center, leveraging and providing the essential public safety foundation of IACINet - the trusted, global security intelligence information sharing, analysis, and coordinated incident response platform.” 

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